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4 Fitness Tips for Sharing a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems easier when you’re single, but discover how to incorporate healthy lifestyle into your life as a couple.

man_woman_couple_smoothie_blender_fruit_healthy_yummy_eat_picLife changes quite dynamically. And so do our routines, habits, relationships, and more. When we’re single, it’s pretty easy to stick to our routines: morning yoga, gym time, friend’s time, and the list goes on. And when your partner’s lifestyle is not similar to yours, it could shake things up. This is not bad. But it’s up to both sides to decide which are the good habits to be kept and which need to take a back seat or be compromised.

For fitness junkies or healthy-lifestyle addicts like myself, what really comes first is our lifestyle. Changing your routine or lifestyle is equivalent to asking you to give your life away. Well, it feels that way, anyway. If you don’t want to give up your lifestyle, then you need to pull your partner into your world. In all rationality—it’s for their good! Maintaining good health is critical for the relationship and your future. Good health means the two of you will have more time with greater quality to spend together.

Now, how do you influence your partner without being a nag?

Tip 1: Be Yourself

The most important tip is being yourself! This means stick to your routine. If you are flaky or less determined about your lifestyle, then there is no way you can show your love and passion about this to your partner. Your dedication and determination will speak louder than your words. So pick up that mat or pair of running shoes or ski shoes and hit the road.

Tip 2: Be Consistent

Nothing is more confusing than a mixed signal. For example, if I am practicing yoga and talk to my partner, he assumes it’s ok to have a long conversation (which drives me nuts!). If you don’t want to be disturbed, then you can’t enable the disturbance. Not everyone is wired the same way. If you are on a vegetarian diet or follow veganism, be consistent about this message. Allow your partner to be who she or he is as well. It’s all about mutual respect and consistency.

Tip 3: Make it Fun!

Living a healthy lifestyle comes with a ton of dos and don’ts. Some people love structure, but others might feel constricted. So make it fun!couple_man_woman_bike_ride_nature_healthy_sunshine_smile_happy_pic

Initiate a date night where you both can cook together and make some healthy, delicious food. Take him or her out on a date for a hike or to a trampoline park! Have some fun with fitness. The most important thing is not to mock your partner when they are trying. They may be new to fitness. Give them the space and time to figure out what works for them. They might not enjoy all forms of fitness or a particular dietary habit. Find common ground, and take it easy.

Tip 4: Positive Reinforcement

Last but not least, it’s all about having a positive attitude. There is nothing worse than a partner giving you negative remarks about everything you do. Encouraging your partner about his or her improvements while nudging them to do better does wonders. Changes don’t happen overnight. But it will happen. Stay positive, and grow together.

A healthy lifestyle is more fun when shared. A better world starts from a better home.

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