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The Great Outdoors: Embracing Outdoor Exercise

The best way to get fit in the summer and fall is to get outside! With the long winter we had and the new one approaching, you probably do not want to be stuck indoors for another day. Exercise is so much more exciting when your surroundings are visually pleasing, when you can feel the path_trail_stream_hike_nature_green_picwarm breeze on your back and the glow of the sun shining on your face. So why not get up, go outside, and spend your days wandering the streets and being active in the great outdoors?

Top 5 ways to get outside:

  1. Go for a walk, a run, or even a light jog or hike to get your heart rate up. This will help improve your stamina while shedding some of those extra winter pounds. A nice outdoor stroll is cheap and easy, and the only equipment you need is a good pair of running shoes. If you are not sure where to go on your walk, put on your favorite song and see where your legs take you. Grab a glass or BPA free water bottle and fill it with filtered water and some fresh squeezed lemon juice for some liquid vitamin C and hydration.
  2. Do yoga in the park and bring yourself to a calmer, sharper, and more focused state of mind. Leaving your basement yoga ritual and teaming up with others in the park not only helps your mind and body, but also is a great way to fit in some extra socializing. Regular yoga practices are said to help improve healthy lifestyle practices and help get rid of stress. Often you can find schedules online with outdoor yoga classes that you can jump into. Bring a green juice with you and you are good to go!
  3. Get involved in a team sport such as tennis, baseball, or volleyball. Sports are a great way to spend a sunny Saturday for a countless number of reasons. Committing to a team will give you that extra push to constantly exercise and guarantee showing up. Aside from getting a good cardio workout in a way that is fun and exciting, being part of a team is a great way to boost your self worth and sense of belonging. Don’t forget to bring yourself some Sunwarrior protein in a smoothie or shake to fuel up during or after the game.
  4. mountain_biker_scenery_nature_beautiful_biking_happy_fit_man_picRollerblading is an excellent activity for all ages. This activity is so not out of date—it is so much fun and easy to learn. Go to a boardwalk or path uptown or downtown; use it as a method of transportation or just for a leisurely activity. You will be surprised to learn how many calories you can burn while engaging in this fun outdoor activity. Sip on some coconut water before you go or after your blade for some clean hydration!
  5. Hop on your bike and explore a new neighborhood. There are so many trails around the city that will take you through rivers, woods, and parks. Your bike adventure will feel like you are on a little vacation in your own town. Cycling is a great way to give your quads a much-needed workout. Just remember to throw some trail mix or fresh fruit in a pack or small bike bag for a mid-ride snack to keep those legs spinning!

If you are worried you do not have enough time in your busy day to spare for exercising in the great outdoors, why not make it into an event? Pack a picnic and turn it into your lunchtime activity. You can choose a destination to go for lunch or dinner and ride, blade, or run there.

Not only are they all great cardio workouts, good for your heart and overall health, but you can bask in the sunshine, breath in the fresh air, and spend time with friends. All around, now is the time to feel good, nourish yourself, and look even better.

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