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15 Fat Loss Training Tips

Weight training and cardiovascular training can be manipulated to achieve the results you want. Follow these basic guidelines, alongside a well-balanced nutritional plan, to help you modify your training to lose fat.

1. Chose compound exercises (multi joint movements) like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses over isolation exercises (single joint movements) like bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, and flys. Compound movements have a higher metabolic demand which means a higher calorific burn.

fitness_ball_squats_exercise_pic2. Prioritize compound exercises that work the biggest muscle groups, like the squats, deadlifts, and bench press, over compound movements that work smaller muscle groups like the shoulder press and upright rows.

3. Train using a high total volume to increase levels of growth hormone. Use loads between 70–85% of the one-rep max (1RM) for three or more sets.

4. Use short rest intervals between 15–60 seconds to create a greater lactate build up which causes higher levels of growth hormones to be released. Some of the key functions of growth hormone are to regulate body fat and lean muscle mass.

5. Generally, each set should last between 45–75 seconds to burn more calories and increase post-exercise calorie burn.

6. Alternate upper, middle, and lower body exercises in a circuit fashion. Working in a circuit like this allows you to train using moderate loads with little rest between sets by allowing adequate rest between working the same muscle groups.

For example, if you were to perform a set of squats, you would then rest for 60 seconds before performing a set of bench presses. After finishing the set of bench presses you would rest for another 60 seconds before returning to perform the next set of squats.

This means you would have rested for 120 seconds between working the same muscles (the sets of squats), plus the time it took to perform the bench press. Training like this allows for moderate loads to be used with little rest between sets.

fall_in_love_with_booty_blasting_hiit_routine_pic7. Include planned workouts that emphasize working the negatives of an exercise. Negatives (eccentric part of the movement) increase the release of growth hormone. Caution must be taken when using this training technique as negatives are very taxing on the body and the nervous system and overuse of this method could lead to overtraining. Add it to your workout for planned limited times. For example, one week in a month.

8. Prioritize weight training (using moderate loads and short rest intervals) and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to work the anaerobic system and thereby increase lean muscle mass and create a higher post-workout caloric burn.

9. Include high intensity interval training (cardiovascular training) in your weekly training program. While fewer calories are burned during HIIT compared to steady state aerobic training, a greater number of calories are burned post-workout after HIIT. As this type of training is very taxing on the body and the nervous system, 2–3 HIIT sessions a week is recommended. If you are new to HIIT, a starting point may be to perform four intervals of 30 seconds all-out effort followed by 90 second recovery periods. As the body adapts to this style of training, work up to performing 10 intervals of maximum effort and gradually reduce the recovery periods between intervals.

10. To get the maximum results from high intensity interval training, the all-out efforts must be performed against resistance. For example, sprinting up an incline or hill will produce better results than running on a flat track.

11. Include periods (2–3 weeks) of strength training with heavy loads. After coming off a period of strength training, you should be able to use heavier loads for your fat loss training, producing better results. Use loads of 90% (and above) of the 1RM for 2–4 reps for 4–6 sets. Test intervals of 180–300 seconds are recommended.men_women_athletes_exercise_tire_flip_race_fun_pic

12. Make training fun. Strongman training is working against resistance while on the move, making it a very effective training method for fat loss. Tire flips, farmer’s walk, and sled pushing or pulling are some examples of strongman training.

13. Be as active as possible in your daily life. Chose to walk, run, or cycle instead of using your car or public transport. If you have to use a car, park farther away than you normally would so you have to at least walk that far. Use the stairs whenever possible instead of the elevator. All these activities will increase the total number of calories burned during the day.

14. To increase fat burning effects during the workout, drink green tea 30–60 minutes before training. Caffeine allows you to train harder, making the workout more effective.

15. Push yourself during your training. You never know your limits till you find them!

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