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Active Creatine
Active Creatine
Active Creatine
Active Creatine
Active Creatine

Active Creatine

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Active Creatine

Blends with Benefits
Active Creatine Infographic Build Muscles, Support Focus, Promote Energy
Female Weighted Lunges

Why Active Creatine?

The power of quality ingredients

Active Creatine mixed with 10–12 ounces
of your favorite beverage will maximize
physical performance & revive your mind.

Build Muscles, Arm Flexing

Builds Muscles

Creatine aids muscle and fiber growth. It is found naturally in muscle cells and helps your muscles to produce energy during workouts and intense activities. Studies show that creatine can increase muscle mass while supporting strength and performance.

Support Focus, Female Working on Computer

Supports Focus

Creatine plays an important role in brain health. Higher resting creatine levels may enhance performance in cognitive tasks such as recognition memory.

Promotes Energy, Female Working out with Ropes

Promotes Energy

Creatine may help achieve bursts of energy in high-intensity workouts and can be beneficial when battling fatigue.

Whatever game you play, Active Creatine is the gamechanger.

Man Working Out, Sit Ups, Sunwarrior Active Creatine
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