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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Our Products

What kind of products does Sunwarrior offer?

Sunwarrior offers a diverse range of products, including protein powders, meal replacements, superfood supplements, and more. This variety allows you to choose products that align with your specific health and dietary goals.

How can Sunwarrior’s products help with digestive health?

Sunwarrior products often contain ingredients that promote digestive health, such as fiber and digestive enzymes. These can help support regularity and improve nutrient absorption.

Are Sunwarrior’s products safe for vegan and vegetarian diets?

Yes! Sunwarrior products are made from plant-based ingredients, which can be beneficial for individuals following vegan or vegetarian diets. Also, our products are all dairy-free and non-GMO.

I’d like to try a Sunwarrior powdered product. How can I get a sample?

Most of our products are available in single-serving packets. This means you can mix and match and find out which flavors you like. To see what’s available and to place your order, please click here.

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