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Vegan Ginger Pie & Oatstraw Tea (For Harold & Maude Fans!)

Few movies have come close to the masterpiece that is Harold and Maude, the 1971 Hal Ashby classic in which a suicidal teenager (Bud Cort) falls in love with a 79-year old woman (Ruth Gordon) all set to a stunning Cat Stevens soundtrack.

There's a pureness to the film most notably due to Maude's playful love for life, even despite her age. Her sweetness is able to break through Harold's tough shell. Upon one of their early encounters, Maude invites Harold to her place for ginger pie and oatstraw tea.

A Google search offers little in the way of ginger pie recipes (and most of them mention Harold and Maude); and as a vegan, there are virtually zero offerings…until now.

First, though, the tea. Oatstraw is a widely available and very effective herb. It's beneficial in relieving stress and anxiety (it worked wonders for me once after a miserable break-up). It's also been scientifically shown to boost bone strength (which may be why post-menopausal Maude was drinking it in the first place; women her age are most prone to osteoporosis). Pre-menopausal women can try drinking oatstraw tea to relieve cramps. Flavor wise it's not earth shattering, so feel free to mix it in with other herbs or teas as you like. You can find oatstraw in bulk at your local herb store, and some natural food stores may also sell it.

Now, for the pie.

Like I said, it appears the origins of ginger pie may be rooted in the movie itself…and recipes are few and far between, although several variations hint to it as a Dutch recipe. I've adapted a recipe using vegan substitutions.

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