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THE BEST Vegan Lemon Squares Recipe EVER

Wintertime in Los Angeles means an abundance of lemons at the Hollywood farmer’s market (today I got 12 of them for $2!). There are big sour ones, small sweet ones, those incomparable Meyer lemons…yumm! They're so deliciously hard to resist! We even have pink lemons growing in our yard that are also out of this world—but we eat them so fast we have to supplement with organic ones from the market.

At this lemony time of year, I add fresh lemon juice to virtually everything. (A helpful tip I've found really useful if you have an abundance of lemons is to juice them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays. Then you can defrost and use as needed. Once frozen, transfer cubes out of trays into bags or containers to keep them fresh.)

If you've got more lemons than you know what to do with, why not give this recipe for vegan lemon squares a try? They're a most wonderful treat if you're entertaining, and they make a delicious gift, too. 

This recipe is not gluten-free, but you can adapt the crust to your favorite gluten-free options. And a note on powdered sugar…there really is no substitute, unfortunately, save not using sugar at all and that would ruin the recipe. I generally only make these once a year because they are so sugary…and that tends to satisfy me for quite a while (my boyfriend's sweet tooth, however, is another story). You can get organic powdered sugar from your local health-minded supermarket, which is healthier than the conventional stuff. And remember, everything in moderation (especially moderation!). Enjoy!

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