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Protein Pumpkin Squares: Vegetarian Recipe

Not all snacks are created equal. Lots of labels in today’s grocery stores say they have the benefit of added vitamins, loads of fiber, and heart healthy snacking. But how do you really know these claims are true? Unless the product is 100 percent organic, real whole food, you aren’t getting what you think you are. The best way to ensure you and your family are getting clean, real foods is by making the snacks in your own home. Pumpkin square snacks are easy to make and a great treat to have in the house. And it’s easy to create a large variety flavors by simply adding some different fruits.

Creating snacks that have a sweet taste and are loaded with clean ingredients is a great way to stay on a clean eating path—and it can also help cure a sweet tooth. The need for more clean protein in today’s diet is important as well. With a simple snack like this you are able to get high quality protein with none of the scary chemicals. Simplicity is key, taking food back to the way it was before harmful chemicals were added. Filling your home with foods like this will ensure a healthy body, inside and out.

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