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Mango Tango Smoothie

A creamy, vegan smoothie perfect for hot, summer weather and pumped full of vitamin C, alkalizing potassium, and fat burning, plant-based protein. The vegan creaminess comes from delicious, vegan coconut milk (buy organic, sulfite-free, or make it yourself easily with coconut meat and water) and the natural sweetness comes from fresh fruits and the natural herb stevia in the Sunwarrior Classic Plus protein. Very easy to make, easy to digest, and the layering tip makes for beautiful presentation.

Mango Tango Smoothie



  • *Add 1 piece fresh ginger for anti-inflammatory benefits
  • *Add 5 pieces of fresh mint for minty digestion enhancement


Blend everything BUT the strawberries in the blender. Pour into glass three-fourth’s full. Blend remainder of smoothie with added strawberries. Pour berry mixture on top of mango mixture for deliciously pretty layered smoothie.

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