Lemon Coconut Almond Meal Macaroon Style Truffles

One of my health and food loving girlfriends and I picked up some store-bought lemon coconut macaroons when out shopping for kitchenware and food, truly my favorite kind of shopping. These macaroons were pretty good, and I was inspired to create my own version. Using the ingredients list on the package to guide me—and with a little trial and error—I came up with a replica keeper recipe. A big bonus is I incorporated a way to use the pulp leftover when making my almond coconut milk.

These are ever so easy to whip up and are great to freeze for those moments when you feel you want a sweet fix without guilt or worry of a blood sugar spike. There is something magical for me when fresh lemon pops up in sweet treats. Make these today and let me know how you like them on my Facebook page.

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