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How to Make Hydrating Mineral Juice

Get ready for Drew Canole, transformation coach and expert, to reveal his favorite Sunwarrior product. Surprise, it’s Liquid Light! Though this really shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since this fulvic acid mineral complex helps maximize the nutrition of anything you add it to, not to mention the 72 trace minerals it contains.

Drew shows us how to use Liquid Light to make a powerful hydrating drink that will easily outmaneuver any sports drink and takes only a couple minutes to make with just three ingredients.


3 cucumbers, juiced

2 cups coconut water

3 caps full Liquid Light


Juice the cucumbers. Mix the liquids together and stir. Serve and enjoy the refreshing hydrating power of multiple electrolytes. You can also serve it over ice or chilled.

Coconut water, not to be confused with coconut milk, is one of the best natural electrolytes found on the planet. The clear liquid inside young, green coconuts is rich in potassium and antioxidants. Drew Canole combines this with the B vitamins, chlorophyll, and water content of cucumbers, and then fulvic acid helps deliver these electrolytes into the body where they are needed. This is the perfect pre-workout drink to hydrate cells and protect them from damage as you remake yourself for the better.

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