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Yoga-Motivator Chai Green Smoothie

You know you need more yoga, but motivation isn’t always easy. This is why we’re giving you the best reward for yoga ever: the chai green smoothie!

While we’re all (I’m sure) well aware of the tremendous benefits of yoga, some of us (definitely me) struggle to commit to spending regular time in down dog. (Shavasana, on the other hand, the one where you lay on your back with your eyes closed, I’ve nailed.)

Yoga can be uncomfortable, it’s sometimes awkward, and it’s deceptively really really hard! Which is why I often skip it, even though I know my body and mind really really want it. But I’m determined for that to change! I’m determined to do yoga more than once a month. And buying the perfect yoga mat aside, I believe I’ve found my solution: this post-yoga chai green smoothie.

This chia green smoothie, completely creamy and flavorful with chai spices (the real ones! Right from a chai tea bag!), juicy dates, Sunwarrior plant-protein and spinach or kale is seriously so good that if I tell myself I only get it as a reward for completing a yoga class, there's a very good chance I'll force myself (I mean lovingly encourage myself) through the chair poses and down dogs for it!

Really, this smoothie is that good.

I hope it also gives you a leg up in your yoga-going-adventures (and in your tree pose).

Chai cheers!

(Serves 1 sweaty yogi)

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