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Working Out Your Lower Body with a Resistance Band


Tim McComsey, owner of TRyM Fitness and one of our favorite fitness trainers, applies the power of the resistance bands to a lower body workout this time. He strings 5 exercises together that focus on your legs, glutes, core, and lower back. Do each exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 15 in between.

Start with the band jump squat. Step on the band, do a regular squat, and then jump as you come up. Second, do a band dead lift. Step on the band, choke down with your hands to get more resistance, and lift. Third, the band sumo squat will get your heart pumping. You want a wide stance, toes pointed out about 45 degrees, and your weight on your heels. Fourth, the band swing. Get in the squat position on the band, choke down a little, and swing the band up to shoulder height. Finally, you'll do the band lateral walks. Do 10 seconds in each direction for balance. Rest for 30 seconds after you complete all 5 exercises and then repeat them all again. You'll want to do this 5 times for the full effect. Enjoy this routine anywhere, even on the road, to keep you trim, in shape, and feeling good.

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