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Wholesome Diet: How to Keep at it.

Mary Poppins said, “Well begun is half done.” The other half is follow through. How to keep up a wholesome diet and love it!

Eating plant-based and sticking to more natural wholesome diet is not just beneficial to you, but it’s also great for the environment and eco system. Even though there are a zillion articles on healthy recipes and the benefits of a plant-based diet, most of us fail to follow through because we don’t have a personal nutritionist to tell us what to eat and when to eat. There are definite ways to eat more clean and natural.

Start Your Day Right

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I am not sure if it has to be the heaviest meal of the day, but it can definitely be nutritious and a great way to start your day right. One of the easiest way to support a plant-based diet for you and your family is to add more greens and fruits to your breakfast. For example, you can make a green or fruit smoothie, and eat more nuts, seeds, and oats for breakfast. This way, you at least get the day started right with one meal.

Green Shopping

Grocery shopping can be stressful when trying to eat healthy and buying ingredients for your family that are healthy and delicious. Grocery shopping is highly influenced by your state of mind; when in a bad mood people tend to shop unhealthy whereas when in a good mood they tend to shop less and better. One of the tricks to shopping right is to hit the vegetable and fruit aisle first. Make sure you spend several minutes there and then work your way to the rest of the store. This way you spend most of your money buying healthy food and by the time you reach the “not so natural” aisle, you’re cart is already full, and you might be ready to get out of the grocery madness.

Meal Planning

We live in a world where we have way too many options. Meal planning is pretty much the way to go when you are making a transition or when you have a busy work life. You don’t have to plan for a whole month. Make sure you take three days at a time and at least plan breakfast and lunch, leave dinner for you to figure out with your partner or family.

As Long as it’s Natural

Getting too picky on eating and planning can cause more stress and anxiety. One of the simple rules is eat what you have. Keeping it simple is fine. For example; if you just want to have a bowl of fruits and a cup of tea for dinner and call it a night, then do so. As long as you are, eating natural foods, are happy with what you eat, and are feeling good, it works!

Eating a plant-based wholesome diet is simple when you keep it simple and remain consistent.

Stay healthy! Stay happy!

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