What's the Right Perspective?

Discover the importance of putting our lives in the proper perspective to help us realize what really matters most.rn

What we see is shaped not only by what lies before us, but by our beliefs, education, previous experiences, and even expectations. That accounts even for opposed feelings from the same event, such as the recent events happening in the news, or what kind of a job the president is doing: there are as many accounts of what happens as there are witnesses.

“No two persons ever read the same book.”—Edmund Wilson

In reality, the most important perspective is your own when it comes to lifestyle decisions like diet and exercise. The number of articles and books that claim to be "the answer" for both of these is plentiful, and they sound so authoritative. door_gate_open_hand_picEach has been able to garner thousands of disciples who swear allegiance. CrossFit, yoga, spinning, weight training, Pilates, swimming; what's the answer for conditioning? Paleo, Atkins, vegan, low-fat, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, vegetarian, raw; what's the answer for nutrition? The disagreement rages on. What’s your perspective?

Don't wait for weight problems, high blood pressure, or worse to change your perspective on how important proper diet and exercise are to your future. At some point, it can become too late. Don’t be one who has to say "I shoulda when I coulda."

Define yourself with your attitude!


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