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Vida Vegan Con 2015

The always hilarious, charismatically inclined vegan celebrity chef Jason Wrobel is on hand to update you on the Vida Vegan Con that ran this last weekend in Austin, Texas.

jason_wrobel_vida_vegan_con_picJoin him on his road trip and see what the conference is all about.

It’s Thursday and the unofficial opening day of the con, starting with vegan snacks, plenty of good coffee, and a meet and greet with awesome vegans from around the world. J-Wro ends his 23 hour road trip with Buzz Mill coffee, delicious vegan eats from Golden Spike Rail Cart, and chats with cool vegans, vegetarians, and health enthusiasts like Vince Lia, Abigail Cooper, Amey Mathews, and many more. He’ll dessert, not to be confused with desert, it up just before the end of the day with some vegan ice cream from Sweet Ritual. Are you jealous yet?

jason_wrobel_I_love_sunwarrior_shirt_texas_picThe hilarious, charming, and talented Jason Wrobel, celebrity chef and Sunwarrior ambassador, rocks the first official day of the Vida Vegan Con sporting a Sunwarrior t-shirt and well-rested from his pile of Classic Plus protein samples. Today was the Vegan Bazaar all day long, filled with speakers, food venders, crafts, art, and plenty of the coolest vegan swag you can find. Join J-Wro on the inside where he fills you in on all the inside scoops, starting with scooping up some vegan cheeses.

It’s day three (officially day two, but we’re extending the joy as much as possible) at the Vida Vegan Con in Austin, Texas where we’re following the hilarious meanderings of Sunwarrior’s ambassador and friend Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan chef and television sensation. A little Sunwarrior Classic Plus chocolate protein for breakfast and Jason is ready to tackle another day at the con.

jason_wrobel_vegan_heart_cookie_sweet_treat_sunwarrior_picIt’s day four of Vida Vegan Con and our fun is winding down. J-Wro and Sunwarrior must say goodbye to all the amazing friends, vegan products, great food, and stellar learning. So sad, huh? Don’t worry, though, Jason Wrobel, your favorite TV sensation, celebrity vegan chef, and hilarious vlog-master, complete with Barry White vocal undertones, is here to help you enjoy the final day.

Good bye Austin, Texas. You’ve been good to us and you will be sorely missed. Jason Wrobel and Sunwarrior will most likely be back someday. How could we resist?

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