So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Vegan, Pregnant, Traveling the World, and Eating Well

Traveling is great. Traveling while pregnant is an experience. It’s much more of a “bumpy” ride, get it? Haha, I know—I’m so funny.

sarah_edmondson_baby_bump_on_the_beach_picBut the plane ride was totally worth it to get to Cancun for Christmas. It was wonderful to be with my husband and family, relaxing and resting after being go, go, go, go all fall!

Most of our time was spent on the beach playing in the ocean and catching a nice golden tan. It was amazing. We also spent a lot of time taking pictures of my new baby bump! Bump especially got a lot of attention from Grandpa. It was so cute.

As most of you know, when you travel it can be hard to find healthy food. There isn’t much variety at all-inclusive resorts, but I managed to eat well at their giant salad bar. NOTE TO SELF: Bring mini-blender and Sunwarrior protein next time!

I can’t wait to travel again, next time with our new addition.

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