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Vegan Pizza: Get Grilled!

Throw another pizza on the BBQ! That’s right. Pizza! On the grill! Grilled pizza is perfect for those hot summer nights that are coming soon.

Grilled pizza is a fun way to make dinner. Who wants to heat up the house when it's already hot outside? Let the heat stay outside. Fire up your grill and enjoy a delicious comfort food!

Pizza is so versatile. Basically, you can add any ingredients that your heart desires. Empty out your fridge and use up all your leftovers. Peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, squash, BBQ sauce, and Alfredo.

When cooking a pizza on a grill, it can be tricky. But don’t be intimidated. Warm the grill up well before cooking anything. Once the dough is rolled out very evenly, cook one side until it is a light golden brown. This can happen very quickly if you aren’t paying attention. My pizza has gone from almost done to burned in just a matter of moments on several occasions.

This particular pizza recipe is favorite when we have a plethora of tomatoes during harvest season. Fresh basil is delicious, but you can use dried in a pinch. Tomatoes are high in fiber and a good source of vitamin A, C, B2, folate, and chromium. Not only does basil add exquisite flavor, but it is also loaded with vitamins A and K. The whole wheat crust adds essential fiber and has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also is high B vitamins, and vitamin E.

Time to get grilling!

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