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In a Vegan Mom-to-Be's Purse


Photo by Angela Hubbard

For those who know me well, they know that I always carry everything I could possibly need in my purse. Some even call my purse the bomb shelter purse. They joke that if there were an emergency, like an earthquake or something, they would find me immediately because they know I would be able to sustain a small army for at least a week. Some friends often tease me and say things like, “Sarah, do you have…floss?” Yes! “A hair elastic?” Obviously! “A lint roller??” DUH!


But now that I’m pregnant, my purse “kit” has altered somewhat. I’ve always carried snacks in my bag, but now I’m a little more picky—my baby gets the best!

sarah_edmondson_pregnancy_photo_by_angela_hubbard_picMy new favorite raw vegan bars are on the top of my list to never leave home without. Their ingredients trump any bar I have tried, and I have tried many! Check out I think the chocolate peanut butter is my top choice.

I always carry digestive enzymes as well, an iron supplement, ammonium free deodorant, hand sanitizer, sugar free mints, some sort of wipes or tissue, and my gorgeous loose-leaf tea container from locally made Libre tea.

I, of course, always carry some emergency Sunwarrior protein, and some sort of greens powder. Right now I’m into the Ormus greens or MacroGreens because it comes in a perfect travel size. I’m also loving RaEnergy, which you can sprinkle on salads, coconut yogurt, or whatever else you want when you’re out and about (we have it in bulk at home too!).

Photo by Angela Hubbard

Specific to the challenges of being pregnant, I love this sinus spray, which is a savior for my nose (for those who aren’t in the “know,”pun intended, pregnant women often experience stuffiness while pregnant due to the blood volume doubling).

I also carry my absolute savior Epsom Gel, which I put on my back EVERY day. This little sample size has saved my back numerous times from my back pain. Holding up an extra 35 pounds on my tummy has been a bit of strain! Epsom salt baths are also a daily thing and super helpful, but you can’t always take a bath when you want, so this gel is a great alternative.

sunwarrior_liquid_light_bottle_imageFinally, in case I get dehydrated I have electrolyte options like Vega’s to go packs or coconut water. Of course I always carry water, but sometimes you need a bit of a boost with something a little stronger.

SunWarrior’s liquid light is perfect for the purse (not in THIS size obviously; I just ran out of the travel size). This provides all the trace elements and minerals I need to stay healthy and energized.

I’m curious to know what other pregnant women carry with them? Please weigh in!



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