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Vegan Easter Cookie Sandwich

Make your Easter dessert mm-mazing with these vegan Easter cookie sandwiches.

This time of year is filled with tasty desserts, bunny rabbits, and painted eggs. Although this time of year may seem difficult to be vegan, we promise it’s easy. We decided to come up with a festive and tasty cookie sandwich that will give you the warmth of this holiday and give the added bonus of a healthy, gluten-free treat. These cookies come together in no time, and your friends and family will devour them.

Any holiday season is a time for overindulgence when it comes to sweets and desserts. In our cookies, we used brown rice flour which is a lot healthier than white rice flour in gluten-free baking. The difference between white and brown rice flour is the husk. Since the husk is still intact, it contains more fiber and vitamins.

Fiber is such an essential part of our diets. We do receive a large amount of fiber from vegetables and other grains, but rice has insoluble fiber which can help move waste through the intestines. Since the husk is attached, brown rice flour can help make you feel fuller longer which can help in weight loss. Brown rice flour can also help in the absorption of calcium which can protect those special bones of yours.

Instead of using highly processed icing for this recipe, we used coconut butter which boasts many health benefits. Many people confuse coconut oil from coconut butter. The only difference is that coconut butter is made from the meat of the coconut while coconut oil is extracted from the coconut. Coconut butter is great for healthy hormones and high in fiber. It also contains healthy fats which will keep your energy levels high during the day. Coconut butter is a great substitute for butter in recipes.

This Easter-rific recipe only takes 15 minutes to make. You have to double dip the cookie sandwich to give it that extra special crunch, but we promise it is worth it.

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