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Variations on a headstand for Improved Circulation and Focus


Marzia Prince—fitness trainer, Healthy Housewife, and all-around awesome person—throws 3 variations of a headstand at us this week, each one getting progressively more difficult. Improve posture, balance, circulation, lymphatic system, and your focus. You simply need a mat and a wall, especially for beginners. Place the mat next to the wall, kneel down, put your hands in a V shape, put your head on the mat, and roll into a headstand. This is the easiest position as it uses your head and arms to stabilize you. Engage your core and practice taking your feet away from the wall until you can stand without it. The shoulder stand is harder. You use the same technique, but your head does not touch the matt. Again, practice taking your feet away from the wall to get your core humming. The handstand is the hardest and requires some solid balance, strength, and confidence. Step a couple feet away from the wall and use your momentum to catapult yourself upright while upside down. Good luck and stay safe.

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