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Two Ingredient Coconut Milk

This two-step coconut milk recipe is easy, less expensive, and healthy.

Your personal Healthinista is back in the kitchen this week with an easy way to get the coconut milk you love without all the junk ingredients you find in most brands out there. That’s right! You can hydrate before, during, and after workouts and fill your smoothies with the perfect superfood for the job while it costs you less.

There are many health benefits in a coconut. And coconut milk is no exception. Coconut milk contains capric and lauric acids and antimicrobial lipids. These acids and lipids have antibacterial and antiviral properties and is believed to fight many infections and viruses including pneumonia and influenza. There is also the fact that good fats have many benefits. They can actually aid in losing weight, reduce risk of heart diseases by keeping plaque causing bacteria out of the arteries, and improve the look of hair and skin by serving as a natural moisturizer. All the way around, coconut milk has many, many benefits.

coconut milk_picCoconut milk is a wonderful substitute for dairy products. But buying coconut milk can be expensive. This healthy recipe only uses two simple ingredients, keeping the health benefits of the coconut milk pure and ready to work. So step up to your blender with some clean, filtered water and a can of organic coconut milk. The can is concentrated coconut, so it doesn’t have all the junk added. Pour it in to the blender, add the water, blend, and pop it in the fridge in a glass container to chill. That’s it. Enjoy the coconut milk as you style your taste buds with the best foods.

Now that you can make your own coconut milk, try it out in this wonderful Thai coconut soup recipe!

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