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New Sunwarrior Packaging is Tubtastic!


New packaging is here! It’s stunning, made entirely from recycled material, BPA free, phthalate free, and completely recyclable. Plastic #2, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is the safest form of plastic in the world.


Our bags never displayed as well as we hoped, weren’t recyclable, and never sealed well. Our boxes, despite displaying well and being recyclable, were difficult to hold, wasted money on shipping, required extra packing material (bag inside box with paper or bubble wrap), and never eliminated the resealing problem.

The Tubs display beautifully, can be carried with one hand, reseal with a twist, save on shipping, abolish the doubled up packaging, and minimize waste all around. They really will make using Sunwarrior easier for everyone, saving us all time, money, and hassle.


Now! We’re rolling them out for our proteins and other products will follow. It may take a few months for you to see them in stores near you, but the tubs will be everywhere soon.

Now What?

Enjoy the change. We also hope you will do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. Those tubs don’t stop being useful when the last drop of protein is gone. Here are 101 ideas to help you get started.

72 hour kit — It's always a good idea to be prepared for anything. Pack some tubs with food, water, and supplies. Put them in a backpack or roller bag. They will stay dry and safe for when you need them.

Airplane — Attach some cardboard wings and draw on some windows and you have a fun toy for hours of entertainment. It can even shuttle action figures or plush passengers around. If you have several, try making them into train cars too.

Anchor — Fill your tub up with water to anchor things down at home, like picnic blankets, tablecloths, umbrellas, and more. You probably could fill it up with concrete to use it as an anchor when boating too.

Archery target — Archery is big right now. Make a bow out of a stick or old hanger and a rubber band and send straws or cheap chopsticks flying at your target. Paint a bullseye on it or stack them and knock them down.

Art and craft storage/organization — Keep those googly eyes and fuzzy puffs away from one another in style.

Auto tool box — A convenient, little, waterproof box to keep your tools in one place in your trunk.

Bath time boat — Color your tub with permanent marker and let it float amongst the bubbles.

Bath time submarine — Much like the boat, but you dunk it.

Bean storage — Store your beans in a dark, cool, and dry place. The tubs can help.

Bird feeder — Cut a large hole in the side, fill it part way with bird feed, and hang it from your tree.

Bird house — Cut a small hole for the birds to enter and put a dowel below the hole. Hang it up or mount it to a pole.

Bowling — Set the tubs up like pins and use a ball to bowl them down.

Build a raft to escape a desert island — It could happen (though we hope it doesn't). If you find yourself on a desert island with a couple cases of Sunwarrior, you know how to make your escape.

Building blocks — Stack them. Build a castle or a tower. Let your children knock them down.

Building models — Draw windows on the side and you have yourself a building. Put many together and you have a city. Then let your kid play Godzilla.

Button holder — Keep all your buttons in one place.

Canteen — Tie a strap around the lid and you have a good amount of water for your long hike.

Cat food storage — Keep your cat food fresh.

Catch a spider — After you're done screaming, catch that spider and release it somewhere far from you.

Cereal container — Bags don't always keep things fresh once they're open. Seal your cereal in a tub.

Chandelier — Glue several tubs together and put a light in each for an interesting and modern chandelier.

Coffee grounds — Keep your grounds fresh or store old grounds to use in your garden later.

Compost container — Save all your kitchen compostables in a nice, sealable container before you move it all outside.

Concrete form — Make rounded, square bricks for your garden wall.

Cookie jar — Cookie jars aren't always portable. Use a tub to gift a whole jar of cookies to a neighbor, take some camping, or to keep your snacks fresh on a picnic.

Cord organizer — We all have a box full of cords somewhere. Keep them organized in labeled tubs.

Crayon holder — Crayons can be messy. Keep them under control.

Desk organizer — Make sure your pens, pencils, scissors, and letter opener all have a home.

Diorama — Who needs a shoebox?

Dog food storage — Keep your dog's tail wagging with fresh kept kibbles.

Donate to daycare — A daycare has a million uses for a good tub and it is a good thing to do.

Doorstop — Fill it with water and it will keep even the heaviest of doors open when you need it.

Drums or bongos — What kid doesn't love to bang on the drums? We do apologize to your ear drums.

Dry pack for hiking or camping — Keep things dry that need to stay dry, even when it rains or you end up in the river with an upside down canoe.

Earthship building material — Earthships reuse old tires, bottles, and much more. Put your tub to good use as insulation or a light feature.

Emergency car kit — It's always a good idea to have some first aid and basic survival items on hand in case your car dies in the middle of nowhere.

Emergency potty for long trips — Yep, no need to explain this one.

Exercise equipment — Fill them with water and use them for strength training.

Filing cabinets — Filing cabinets are great for files, but not much else. Use a tub to keep other important things organized in there.

First aid kit — Bandages and anything else you might need will fit in these tubs well, stay dry, and be ready for any emergency. Keep one at home. Put one in your car. Take one camping. Keep one in your 72 hour kit.

Flour storage — Preserve your flour longer.

Fort supplies — Kids love forts, but their stuff is exposed to the elements and the squirrels. Keep their supplies and snacks safe from both.

Fridge storage — The square tubs work well in fridges and freezers to keep your food fresh.

Garage organization — Nuts, bolts, nails, screws, and more all have their own place. Mount them to the wall for easy access and to keep them out of the way.

Go cart bumpers — Maybe we're stretching, but the point is that there is so much you can do with these rather than just toss them.

Hair accessories — Keep all your coiffed tresses looking their best with organizational skills unmatched by any hairdresser.

Hat — Cut it and sand the edges and you have a hat. An odd hat, but a hat none the less.

Helmet — Much like the hat, but more protective. We recommend you use it only for light things, like cotton balls and rain, not for actual head protection against falling rocks, biking, I-beams, or skateboarding.

Jack-o'-lantern — Paint it orange, cut out a face, and there you go.

Keep freezer and fridge cold when power goes out — Put water in it and put it in your freezer. If the power goes out, that block of ice will keep things cold for a while.

Lantern — Toss a flashlight inside and enjoy the diffused light.

Lego storage — A good way to keep those sharp little things off the floor and away from your feet.

Lentils — Store away, just like with beans.

Luminary — Put a little sand in the bottom and a candle. Paint the outside, draw on them, cut out designs, and bask in the warm light.

Makeshift shovel — Dig your way out of trouble when your car gets stuck.

Mini trash can — Great for kids or for your car. You can seal away smells.

Mini white boards — Give your kids some dry erase markers and let them draw and write on the sides.

Mop bucket — Carry a little soapy water where it needs to go. Mop or sponge away.

Night light — Provide a soft light for your little ones.

Oat storage — Store those oats.

Outdoor candle holder — Much like the luminary, sand and a candle. The tub will hold up the elements well. Drill a couple small holes in the bottom to keep rain from hanging out.

Paint pail — Take just the right amount of paint with you while you touch up.

Pantry organization — Keep everything in your pantry neat, organized, and fresh.

Pasta container — Pasta boxes don't close well. Store all your different pastas in a nice labeled square tub.

Pen and pencil holder — Keep the marks in the tub and not on your desk or in your bag.

Pet house — The perfect little home for your guinea pig, hamster, turtle, or other small pet.

Piggy bank — Put a small hole in the lid and watch your coins and dollars add up as they clink inside.

Piñata form — Papier-mâché your tub and then remove it when dry to make boxes, bricks, and fun piñata shapes.

Plain old bucket — Use it for your everyday bucket needs.

Planter — Grow an herb garden in your kitchen or a plant on your desk.

Plastic bag holder — Collect all those grocery and shopping bags until you take them to be recycled.

Pool dividers — String some together to form a lane.

Pool floaties — Toss them in the pool and let the kids use them to support their kicking.

Pool toy — These won't just get used as flotation support. They can be a part of games too.

Pugil sticks — Tape them to the ends of poles, but make sure to wear plenty of padding and helmets. Avoid the face.

Puzzle storage — Puzzle boxes are susceptible to moisture, crushing, and tearing. Put your puzzles in a tub and take them anywhere without fear.

Rain water collection — Water is precious, especially in emergencies. A tub can be an emergency rain water collector. We hope you never need to use it.

Rice storage — Store that rice.

Robot costume — Cut up the tubs to make a hard shelled robot costume. Make sure you sand the edges to make sure they aren't too sharp.

Sandcastles — Use the tubs to make nice, rounded, square castles in the sand with your next visit to the beach.

Sandproof beach container — Sandcastles are fun, but sand isn't always. It gets everywhere and in everything. Protect your phone, wallet, sandals, shoes, keys, and more in your tub.

Spaceship — Much like the airplane, you can transform your tub into a spaceship with a little cardboard, markers, paint, and imagination. You can blast off and maybe even make a parachute for a soft landing.

Speakers — The square tub makes a decent mini speaker box that handles the outdoors well.

Sponge holder — Store your wet sponges under the sink without fear of the moisture messing with your cabinet.

Sugar storage — Sugar may not be the best food on the planet, but if you need to store it, store it well.

Tea container — Keep your tea potent, fresh, and easy to find.

Terrarium/bug holder — Kids love bugs and dirt. Let them take some inside without worry.

Time capsule — Bury some fun memories in the back yard for you and your family to enjoy later.

Tool bucket — Keep your tools organized and safe from moisture.

Toy box organizer — You can fit a lot of tubs in a toy box and keep the small toys from sinking to the bottom where they are never found again.

Toys — Give a kid a box and they see a toy. Give a kid a tub and see what they imagine up for it. It will surprise you how creative they can be.

Tree lights/decorations — Fill them with lights and string them throughout the trees for a fun and festive back yard party or just a romantic evening while the kids watch a movie inside.

Trick or treat bucket — Decorate them and tie a sash on them for great little buckets.

Under the sink organizer — Scrubbies, sponges, dish soaps, and more. Keep them in line.

Vase — Water and a flower is all it takes, but you could decorate a tub too.

Wall garden — Hang them on a wall on your patio or back fence and plant a garden. It's functional art.

Water storage — Store water for emergencies. You want to store tap water for about six months to a year before you should switch them out. If the water is green, black, or smells off, don't use it.

Watering can — Poke holes in the lid and one in the side for a good watering can.

Wire feeder — Spool wire inside with just a small hole in the bottom or in the lid. Pull the wire and cut where needed.

Worm farm — Worms do great things to soil and compost. Start a little worm farm in a tub and build a better garden.

Yarn canister — Keep your yarn organized and at the ready."



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