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How to Transform Your Life Now

Don’t allow another day to pass by without making strides to your goal. Start to transform your life now!


There is one universal principle to all forms of transformation, and that is making a decision. The great downfall in the age of abundance is an opium-like illusion of comfort. We have every form of convenience and entertainment at our fingertips to divert our attention from what truly matters in our lives. Non-productive activities cause us to become numb to the fact that our lives are on borrowed time. It is only when we intensely engage in life that we discover it is finite and precious.

The very act of making a decision demonstrates your ability to distinguish between illusion and reality. Many people choose to inundate themselves with volumes of data before they inch toward their goals. This is a trap that leads to complacency and apathy and allows a relatively healthy individual to become obese, diabetic, or develop a form of cancer over time. Tony Robbins often repeats the quote, “We are drowning in information and starving for wisdom.” The wisdom is to review the information available and take action to generate an immediate result.

Our inaction often comes from the fear of failure. The kids who do not raise their hands in class when a teacher asks a question are not holding back because they do not know the answer—it’s usually because they do not want to risk being wrong. This is a virus circulating throughout the western world, rooted in self-identity associations that keep us small. I learned from a very wealthy entrepreneur that making a bad decision is better than making no decision at all. At least that way you’re in the game and you might learn something from your mistakes. My goal is to inspire you: don’t settle for being an unconscious spectator in life—become a conscious participant.

Your time is now; yesterday is over and tomorrow has not begun. Begin now by choosing your destiny in this moment. Before you continue living life as it has repeated up until, now consider the implications here. If developing invincible health is your goal, then make the decision to attain it.

When I first started eating raw foods, I made a solid choice to no longer experience colds, flus, stomachaches, and the cascade of chronic ailments common to so many. I wanted something different for my life. I wanted to experience a heightened state of vibrancy, vitality, and life force energy. When I allow myself to get distracted by stress, obligations, and poor thinking, I experience a lowered state of grace as a result. All it requires to tap back into that hyper state of flow is a choice in the moment. Make that choice for yourself and move closer to your deepest dreams.

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