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7 Top Habits of People Who Always Stay Fit

Like Rome, we aren't built in a day. A critical part of success in getting and staying fit is mastering some key, top habits of people who always stay fit!

While motivations tend to be higher around the first of the year and New Year’s resolutions are made, we all know too well that being consistent through the year and reaching those goals and actually staying fit can be quite the challenge.

Like health, fitness is a journey, and to do it properly takes time, consistency, and the development of good Rome, we aren't built in a day. A critical part of success in getting and staying fit is mastering some key habits. If you are a person who has struggled in the past to stay fit all year, aim to make some of the points below habits in your daily life.

1. Exercise, Even If You Only Have 15–20 Minutes

Even if you're limited in time, it's important to remember that anything is better than nothing. Getting into the habit of doing what you can each day will help you form the habit of consistency.

2. Get Variety

Doing the same activity day in and day out can not only get mundane, boring and “chore-like” but also doesn't give the body the spectrum of challenge it needs. It's important to develop a habit of making time each week for cardiovascular activities, muscular strengthening, and flexibility and mobility training. If too much emphasis is put on just one of these areas, imbalances and problems can result.

3. Don't Wait To Get In Shape...Train for LIFE

It's a common practice of many people to wait for a certain time or event to get into shape, such as for a wedding, spring break, summer, or some other such occasion. Not only is this is not a good mindset to developing lasting fitness, but often people rush so much to get into shape for a certain event that it's not done appropriately, and health can suffer.

4. Eat Real, Whole Food

Far too often, the mindset of those aiming to get into shape or to stay in shape is that it's required to go on a diet, often one that's low calorie while amping up exercise. To get and stay fit requires a healthy lifestyle, one that is sustained through nourishment, not deprivation. The only way to truly get and keep a fit body is to have a healthy body, and eating real, whole foods is what the body needs to stay healthy.

5. Eliminate or Greatly Reduce Many Drinks, Including Alcohol

You are exercising appropriately and are aiming to eat only real, fresh, whole foods, but, it's also vital to take control of your liquids. Many drinks such as soda (including diet!), fruit juice, fruit smoothies, processed and sugar-laden coffees, iced teas, and alcohol (yes, that also includes wine) are not only majorly sabotaging your health, but also your ability to get into or maintain your fitness. Stick to clean water, no-sugar-added Kombucha, herbal tea, or other natural beverages.

6. Focus on Your Goal, Not On Your Mood

If you were to only do what you felt like in the moment, you'd never get anywhere. If you were to only eat healthy foods when you craved something healthy, or if you only exercised when you felt like it, you will likely never see any results. While it's definitely true that we need to listen to our bodies, we must also commit to our goals even when we don't "feel" like it.

7. Get Ample Sleep

If you're sleep deprived, you're constantly going to be fighting your body. Poor sleep patterns disrupt natural body functioning, including hormone regulation, metabolism, appetite, energy, and many other actions. When we're tired, we don't have the same level of motivation, energy, power, strength, nor do we experience proper digestion or appetite regulation. If you're serious about being healthy and fit, make sleep a priority.

One way to stay fit is to start your day off right with these five tips!

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