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Tim McComsey’s #1 Nutrition Hack: Immune Shield Ice Cubes

Tim McComsey, RD, CPT at TRYM Fitness

Make it easy to get nutrition in your drinks with this easy hack, and see why you’ll want to!

tim_mccomsey_immune_shield_ice_cubes_drink_picI may not be a wiz in the kitchen, but I know how to get my powerful Sunwarrior nutrition in more unconventional ways. I do what I can to find easy ways to stay Warrior strong every day by inventing little ways to make my life easier. I start my morning with Sunwarrior Supergreens, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and a few of my other favorite, start-the-day-off-right nutrition picks. But one of my favorite nutrition hacks is making Immune Shield ice cubes. I know that anytime I’m making a drink, whether it’s just plain lemon water, a protein shake, or iced tea, I can grab one of these babies for an extra punch of immune building goodness.

Why do I need this supplement in my life? Because I just don't get the amount of nutrients I need from whole foods. Because our soil is sick and depleted of life-sustaining minerals, and so is most of the food we get at the grocery store. To combat this problem, I pack my diet full of easily absorbable minerals and supplements from Sunwarrior that help my body function at its highest. On that list is fulvic acid, one of nature's most powerful, organic electrolytes and antioxidants. Adding this to your diet can help the body stay healthy and hydrated while ridding it of toxic free radicals.

Immune shield is packed with natural, raw, fortified fulvic acid and rich minerals to help fight the onset of a cold or any symptoms as well as offer daily support for my busy lifestyle. This little supplement immune_shield_ice_cubes_picpacks a big punch helping with digestion and assimilation too. Here’s the science of it straight from the Sunwarrior, “Immune shield is a natural fulvic acid and mineral complex that is fortified with silver ions. . . . Immune Shield delivers micro ionic silver and 71 trace minerals into all fluids, tissues, and cells to assist the immune system in repelling and fighting foreign invasions.” Get excited. Here’s how I get my Immune Shield into my diet on the regular:

Immune Shield Ice Cubes

  • immune_shield_ice_cube_tray_picYou will need a large silicone ice cube tray (like this one) and a 1 tsp measuring spoon.
  • Place 1 serving of Immune Shield in each section of the ice tray.
  • Fill the ice tray with filtered water and place it in the freezer until solid.
  • When you’re ready for a fortified, refreshing drink, place one ice cube in your glass with your beverage and drink up! If you’re experiencing any unfavorable symptoms, use an extra serving or ice cube as often as every 30 minutes.

Repeat daily!

If you’re getting sick, try preventing it with a few of these tips!

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