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Tes T. Fernando

Tes T. Fernando is a survivor, having overcome many challenges during her lifetime, including a world-shattering hysterectomy at the spry age of 28. After her surgery, she embarked on an unexpected voyage of discovery to heal her weakened body. She found that health and nutrition were intimately linked and obtained a feeling of elation, contentment, and an overall uninterrupted mood “high” as she enhanced her life by simply paying attention to diet and physical fitness. She became a champion and a walking testament of the rejuvenating power of a healthy post-hysterectomy lifestyle.

Tes has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She was a beauty queen and fashion model in her teens. She is also a certified chocolatier with 16 years of experience in food preparation as a mother and personal chef to her children. Tes has 25 years of experience in research and development focusing on organic, natural living and is the author of Feisty Diva: The Natural Guide to Beauty & Stamina After 40 or After Hysterectomy, which is available through Amazon and Createspace. Tes strives to be non-judgmental and still passionate about natural beauty and raw foods. She believes in a plant-centric diet that is mostly raw. This lifestyle includes doing case studies on the genuine effects of different raw foods and then she recommends the best ones to her friends, family, and the world. She works in a Provincial Government Community Centre and her part time passion is building fun and holistic projects as a healthy food and fitness advocate.Visit her website Universal Vibrance

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