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Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad

For a refreshing light meal or addition to your meal, this sweet kale salad is the reason salads are always in style!

Kale is totally fabulous and totally nutritious! However, kale isn’t something you can just eat raw and enjoy, at least I can’t. Brussels sprouts were a pleasant surprise to me in this salad. It blends in with kale; so picky eaters won’t even notice they are there. For a long time, I always roasted Brussels sprouts, and only a select few in my house liked it. I never thought eating them raw would be good. Surprise! They are delicious raw!

To make this salad even easier, just buy the broccoli slaw found by the packaged salads. The broccoli is already cut into matchsticks, and it has added veggies, red cabbage, and carrots. Make sure it’s organic.

This salad is dense with nutrients. Kale is the main ingredient and is packed with vitamin K, C, and A. Brussels sprouts and broccoli also bring a lot of vitamin K and C as well as folate. Dried cranberries are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. And the roasted pumpkin seed adds a delicious crunch to the salad as well as manganese and zinc.

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