Super Simple Coconut Milk

Sure you can buy coconut milk at the store, but if you make this coconut milk at home once, you will never go store-bought again!

Vegan milk, or mylk if you prefer to spell it this way, is a must in my home – for smoothies, soups, lattes, sauces, and sweets. Since making my own, buying the cartons or tetra packages is something I would rather not do because the home-made versions are so much better. When my time crunch finds me in a jam, and I need a super quick way to keep milk on hand, this recipe is it! It’s so easy, and I really love the creamy thickness. The best part is no straining is required – ya gotta love that.

If you have been intimidated to make your own vegan milk, this recipe is a must try. It’s virtually no-fail and all you need are the ingredients, your blender (and it doesn’t even have to be high speed yet I sure do love mine) and a glass jar. From there, it’s measure, blend, pour, and enjoy. After this, I am sure you’ll be “hooked on home-made.”

This super simple no straining coconut milk makes approximately 3 cups.

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