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Super Bowl Buffalo Bites

The Super Bowl is around the corner, and that means SNACK TIME! Be the winner of the Super Bowl this year by keeping it healthy.

Most snack food items at a Super Bowl party are processed foods full of fat, sugar, GMO’s and other chemical ingredients. It may taste good at the time, but you will end up paying for it later. I am a fit foodie and always look for healthier alternatives because that is what a Healthinista does, right? What you eat is what you wear, and you don’t want to wear an inflammation suit of chemicals; trust me!

Ready to snack on something that will give your energy to cheer on your favorite team? You can still have your favorite fun snacks but without all the bad fat and calories. Try these cauliflower buffalo bites in place of Buffalo wings. They are AH-MAZING for feasting. I found a great recipe on the internet years back, and it is has been one of my favorite snacks. They go fast at a party. Make sure to make plenty because they will not last long! GO TEAM GO!

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