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Sunwarrior Will Attend David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference 2013

(PRWEB) April 25, 2013

Sunwarrior, a plant-based protein and supplement company in Southern Nevada, will exhibit at this year’s Longevity Conference. Denley Fowlke and Nick Stern, cofounders of Sunwarrior, will also be giving away product and signed copies of their latest book, The Warrior Way.

“The Longevity Now Conference is going to be fun,” said Nick Stern. “We get to network with amazing longevity and health experts and continue to show our support for David Wolfe. We’re excited to be a part of this conference and we’re looking forward to meeting more people who are interested in anti-aging principles and products.”

The Longevity Now Conference will take place May 3rd through 5th at the Orange County Hilton in Costa Mesa, California. Join Sunwarrior for a chocolate or vanilla smoothie sample and to learn more about their many raw, vegan products including the newly released Liquid Vitamin Mineral Rush.

longevity_now_conference_imageAbout Longevity Now

Produced by New Horizon Health, Inc and hosted by bestselling author and lecturer David Wolfe, The Longevity Now® Conference is the premier health and wellness event in the United States, featuring experts in the fields of anti-aging, rejuvenation, and longevity.

Through his genuine and straightforward approach, host David Wolfe shows us that no problem is created without a solution and that we DO have the opportunity, right at our fingertips, to make new choices about our lifestyle. We can take our health back into our own hands.

“My goal is to make everybody skilled enough to be able to be their own doctor, their own nutritionist. Because all of us intrinsically have that inside of us.” – David Wolfe

The mission of the Longevity Now® Conference is to offer the latest cutting-edge health information to longevity enthusiasts and practitioners from around the globe. Held once a year at the Orange County Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA, this event presents the most cutting-edge ideas, tools, and technologies within the fields of longevity, health, and wellness. Attendees quickly learn how to easily and comprehensively upgrade their wellness program, no matter where they are in their personal journey.

About Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior’s mission to illuminate body, mind, and planet dominates each decision we make, every action, all our product releases, and even as we hire new people. Sunwarrior relies on the original power of sunlight, captured by the wondrous plants of the world, to change the way the people look at fitness and nutrition. The company was born from the distinct dreams of two men who just wanted to create a plant-based protein powder that would be raw, healthy, and different.

These two men combined their dreams, their savvy business personalities, and their environmental consciousness to create a company committed to making the best plant-based products while elevating humanity and preserving the planet.

Sunwarrior has grown since that night years ago at the Sedona Raw Food Festival. Sunwarrior now offers several raw, plant-based products that are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle, not just vegans or vegetarians: two delicious protein powders to build muscle and speed recovery, activated barley for enhanced endurance, supergreens for probiotics, and liquid mineral complexes that nourish cellular function and boost the immune system with vital macro and trace minerals, like magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, and ionic silver.

Join us in our mission to share the health and healing energy from captured sunlight with everyone. Together we truly can transform the planet, one warrior at a time.

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