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Sunwarrior on Good Morning America | Fitness Challenge

Good Morning America (and the Rest of the World)! Sunwarrior is on TV! They were on Good Morning America because of a challenge they want to share with you!

Sunwarrior made it onto Good Morning America! It wasn’t our products that got us there, even though they continue to be amazing, in case you were wondering. It wasn’t our involvement in the community or with charitable events, even though we try to do both. It wasn’t our winning smiles, our owners receiving an award, or any of the typical reasons a company gets recognition.

We made it on GMA because our employees rock! We gave them a challenge, and they dove in, giving it their all each and every day. This short video about Sunwarrior’s Fitness Challenge is built on hours of sweat, buckets of sore muscles, and gallons of choosing foods they didn’t necessarily want. What challenge?

Sunwarrior gave all their employees the chance to become a brand ambassador, with a little hard work. They would join the ranks of fitness experts, athletes, chefs, and nutritionists representing the company to the world. They were given nine months to transform themselves with the help of Tim McComsey, an ambassador himself, who put together each individual meal plan and exercise regimen.

The just over 40 employees have collectively lost over 500 pounds, slimmed down, and built some solid muscle since the challenge began in June. Some have even lost as much as 30 pounds apiece. As they draw closer to the March 2016 deadline, things are really heating up, with more people in the kitchen and in the gym. In March, two employees will step into the role of ambassadors, receive a cash prize, and become the face of the company in advertisements and at events.

The company makes the challenge easier for everyone by supplying plenty of food, product, and all the equipment to get it done. The fridges, cupboards, and gym are all fully stocked. It’s all paying off with happier, fitter, more productive employees. Sunwarrior is also working hard to share the meal plans and exercises with everyone, so you all can get the most out of your resolutions this year. Go, and make 2016 amazing!

Learn more about the Sunwarrior Ambassador Challenge!

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