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The Sunwarrior Difference

By Michele the Trainer

Everyone can benefit from the Sunwarrior difference.

gracious_living_mango_tango_smoothie_recipe_picWhat’s the best protein powder? Looking to make a delicious smoothie? Trying to get in shape? Want to feel energetic, fit, and healthy? There are a lot of protein powders around, but there are few that will fuel your body and workout. Sunwarrior really is the best protein powder and not just best for vegans and vegetarians. Omnivores, you do not have to be vegan to reap the benefits of Sunwarrior. I wanted to share with you the 5 reasons I choose Sunwarrior and to illustrate the Sunwarrior difference!

Labels can be tricky. There can be a lot of ingredients you’re trying to avoid, like gluten, hiding beneath the word “spices” or “extract.” Protein powders can contain toxic allergen ingredients (for example MSG, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, artificial colors/flavors, low quality sodium, etc.). Dairy can sneak in under different names such as casein and can cause allergies and mucous buildup in the body.

Please read the labels of your protein powders. It’s important to look at the nutrition stats (fat, sugar, and protein), but also read the fine print ingredients. Check to see what the product is sweetened with (avoid artificial sweeteners), and make sure there is no caffeine or stimulants. For example, a protein powder might show a low number for sugar, but the first ingredient might be maltodextrin (a low quality sugar).

If you’re trying to feel energetic, fit, and healthy, or to lean out, there is nothing worse than using a protein powder that’s sneaking gluten and mucous into your belly. You might as well eat a few GMO bagels with GMO cream cheese. Some of the low quality protein powders are like blending a low quality baked good. High gluten flour can make your belly bigger and puffier.

fruitsmoothiesMake a better choice—using Sunwarrior protein you can make a plethora of healthy, delicious, digestible, fueling smoothies instead. You can get their free 50 smoothie recipe book here.

The SUNWARRIOR Difference

Listen up for your health if you’re trying to avoid GMO feed:

Vegan (and of course vegetarian):

Eating vegan avoids all meats, eggs, dairy, and honey (anything with a heart and a mother). Any product we eat that contains milk, cheese, eggs, or meat could be from animals that were fed GMO feed.Because Sunwarrior is vegan and organic, the quality is unparalleled.

Plant-based proteins are also very easily utilized by the body.


Go Organic!

Our United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic standards prohibits GMOs. There are a zillion protein powders available, and most of them of terrible quality with awful ingredients. Many of them contain eggs and GMO dairy of unknown origin. Sunwarrior is organic and vegan, and it’s delicious!

Allergen Free: dairy free, gluten free, and soy free!

Food allergies are well-known for their major symptoms, but also cause subtle symptoms such as inflammation and swelling. We can’t feel energetic, fit, and healthy if we feel puffy. We can’t get in shape if we are puffy. If you want to lean out it helps to avoid allergens and inflammation. Avoid allergens by choosing Sunwarrior!

Non GMO:

If a product contains eggs and dairy, we do not know the source. Products that are certified organic and non GMO are doing double due diligence to help us avoid GMOs and GMO feed.


warrior_blend_protein_is_free_from_whey_and_soy_picPea, cranberry, and hemp are amazing digestible plant proteins. And with Sunwarrior they are organic and raw, which means they weren’t heated and are bio available. Enzymes help our digestion, and the raw quality of Sunwarrior means the digestive enzymes remain. Digestion takes energy from our bodies. With Sunwarrior we retain more energy to work out!

You can’t rock a flat stomach if you’re all puffy and bloated from not digesting your protein powder or smoothie. Mixing a liquid with a powder does not magically create a digestible, nutritious food. (Concrete is also a powder that people mix with water!) I’ve used some protein powders that felt like they stuck in my belly like a rock. Psyllium (and Psyllium Husk) is a common ingredient in powdered foods and it’s rarely a digestible choice (if you poured it down the sink it would setup like a rock). Not all liquids digest nicely and not all proteins contain absorbable nutrients.

Think of energy from the sun and get your warrior workout on! Fuel your body and your workout with Sunwarrior.

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