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The Best of Raw Extends Nomination and Voting Dates

(PRWEB) December 05, 2012

Sunwarrior is happy to be a part of The Best of Raw, an annual awards celebration that honors those involved with raw whole foods, health, and sustainability.

“How could we pass up being part of something that celebrates everything Sunwarrior stands for?” said Denley Fowlke, cofounder of Sunwarrior. “We are happy to sponsor and be associated with The Best of Raw. We commend them for what they do. We love how they’re getting people excited about raw foods and involved in the process of nominating and voting.”

Nominations have been extended until the 15th of December and then you can vote for your favorites starting January 1st until January 31st. These dates were extended to let more people nominate and vote for the best raw foods, products, people, and more. Go nominate your favorites here today.

About The Best of Raw

In its 5th year, Best of Raw is the annual awards celebration honoring the People, Places, Products, Media and Eco-Initiatives of the plant based raw foods movement. Our Annual Awards Gala will take place at VitalityFest, details TBA soon. Founded by Laura Fox in 2008 and inspired by Giselle Tarres, Best of Raw’s initiatives include Sustainable Feast Chef Showcases, The Sustainable Feast Recipe E-Book Series, and a variety of contests and activities throughout the year.

Our Vision is of a world full of happy, healthy people in harmony with Nature. We envision the restoration of soil and ecologies around the world, the restoration of the health of humanity and a marketplace that engenders life promoting practices and goods.

In support of this Vision, our Mission is to encourage people to add more raw, organic plant foods to the diet, and to encourage people to “go local” as much as possible. If we imagine 7 billion people eating every day, some more, some less, we realize the vast impact of the food industry upon the planet. As we adopt healthier practices of eating fresh, organic foods in their natural state, and whenever possible closer to home, we will necessarily reduce the impact of the food industry upon the planet. We also encourage eco-friendly packaging, as this too will reduce the impact on the planet. Ultimately, as we co-create more eco-friendly practices, this necessarily also leads towards the improvement of human health.

About Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior’s mission is to illuminate body, mind, and planet. Sunwarrior relies on the original power from sunlight, captured by the wonderful plants found in nature, to change the way the world looks at fitness and nutrition. The company was born from the dreams of two men who just wanted to create a plant-based protein powder that would be raw, healthy, and a benefit to mankind and the planet mankind occupies.

The two men combined their dreams, their savvy business personalities, and their environmental consciousness to create a company committed to making the best plant-based products while elevating humanity and preserving the planet.

Sunwarrior has grown since that night years ago at the Sedona Raw Food Festival. Sunwarrior now offers several raw, vegan products that are perfect for anyone and any lifestyle: two delicious protein powders to build muscle and speed recovery, activated barley for enhanced endurance, supergreens for probiotics, and liquid mineral complexes that nourish cellular function and boost the immune system with vital macro and trace minerals, like magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, and ionic silver.

Join us in our mission to share the health and healing energy from captured sunlight with everyone. Together we truly can transform the planet, one warrior at a time.

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