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Sunwarrior Ambassador Katrine Volynsky

Katrine Volynsky, BSc, BCom Finance, SCNA

Founder of the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences

Katrine VolynskyKatrine is an author, sports nutritionist, wellness coach, heavy metals detoxification specialist, and traditional naturopath who helps individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, nutrition, and holistic healing.

After being negatively affected by radiation fallout from Chernobyl, Katrine had to find her own path to health and gained a wide knowledge of natural methods for detoxifying and rebuilding the body. She co-founded the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences with Wade Lightheart which provides education and support for both clients and health professionals. Her latest book, Staying Alive in A Toxic World was released in July 2012. She believes that to survive and evolve as a species in a heavily polluted environment, we are destined to become higher frequency beings, homo spiritus. She teaches individuals and groups easy-to-implement daily practices that help protect the physical body from the toxic pollution and help them develop a stronger connection with their higher Self and purpose in life.

Katrine shared the stage with many prominent health authorities and lectured extensively in the USA, Canada, and Asia on detox, healthy living, raw food preparation, and conscious evolution. Katrine resides in Arizona, USA and is currently attaining her PhD in Integrative Medicine.

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