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Sunbutter Banana Bites

For the snack attack days of summer, these sunbutter banana bites will add satisfaction and sweetness to your day.

You have those days, too, right? The “I really want a snack, yet it’s got to be healthy and sate my appetite for a while” sensation. I am sure it happens to the best of us, and that’s why I keep a cache of goodies on hand. Today, our creation takes a familiar combination and marries the ingredients with a few hero foods for a truly satisfying, seems-so-indulgent-but-it’s not, treat.

Banana bites store perfectly in the freezer, making them a cool, refreshing treat in summer’s heat. I make sure to serve them fresh when presenting them at conferences where I speak since frozen bananas can be a little unsightly when they start to melt. Fresh or frozen, the treats are a hit—especially among children, making the treats a great snack for the classroom. Best of all, If you enlist your children’s help, the kids will have a blast making them with you! There is both magic and wisdom in preparing food with your loved ones.

Connecting kids with food and meal creation is an ideal way to educate them on the importance of eating nourishing foods and taking the time to enjoy both the preparation as well as the consumption. Plus the time you spend together is irreplaceable. Let’s make family meals a norm once again.

Here’s to great food that fuels great health, is ever so fun in both prep and consumption, and just happens to deliver a great dose of antioxidants in the raw cacao.

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