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Strength Training: 8 Simple Reasons to Just Do It!

If you are looking for ways to have more energy, increase your metabolism, improve posture and more, strength training can help.

woman_weight_strength_training_exercise_picDid you know that the human body has more than 650 muscles? Did you also know that by the age of 65, individuals who have not engaged in exercise and strength training regularly may incur a decrease in muscle strength by as much as 80 percent?

Loss of muscle mass is one reason you gain fat, lose your shape, and your metabolism slows down. The less muscle you have, the less energy and calories you burn at rest, which equals weight gain.

There is nothing like strength training for maintaining muscle tone, range of motion, and preventing osteoporosis.

Proper strength training has numerous benefits including developing muscle strength and muscular endurance, increasing muscle mass, improving bone density, and strengthening connective tissues.

Here are 8 more reasons why you need to stick to a regular strength training program:

Strong Muscles Help Us Stay Lean

Muscle is “active” tissue. With more muscle in our body we use more calories even just sitting doing nothing.

Muscle Weighs More than Fat

Don’t depend on your scale for feedback. If you are building muscle, the scale may not reflect your positive progress. woman_man_weight_lifting_strength_training_squats_picLook at your overall physique. Are your muscles getting tighter? Are your clothes fitting better? If you are still convinced that your scale tells it all, then do a before and after body fat test to determine your improvement.

Be Intense

In order to improve your strength, you must place a demand on your muscular system. No load, no growth.

Stronger Muscles Improves Posture

Strength training helps to correct our posture in many ways from protruding abdominals, due to weak lower back muscles to a sunken chest which can stem from weak upper back muscles. These areas can be corrected by a simple strength training program targeting your weak problem areas, misalignments, and muscles imbalances.

Muscle, the Cheapest Anti-Aging Beauty Aid

Unused muscle shrinks about 10% per decade after age 45. When muscles get stronger, they grow into a more attractive shape, and your body naturally starts to look tight, toned, and sleek; this enhances personal appearance. Your body looks stronger, leaner, and younger. Age-related losses of strength are reversible. As long as you place a demand on the muscular system on a regular basis, it will continue to get both stronger and more defined.

Muscle, More than Just Appearance

Improvement in muscle strength is more than just about personal appearance; it reduces and lowers blood pressure, and it improves glucose metabolism, which decreases the chance of getting diabetes.

Increase Bone Mineral Density

Muscle strength as a result of consistent strength training adds density to our bones and lessens our chance of developing osteoporosis. Weight bearing exercises are important to prevent bone density loss.plank_woman_exercise_core_strength_pic

Get Flexible

Strength training increases joint flexibility and mobility. As a result, it can ease the pain of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Regular weight lifting is nothing short of essential. It must be a crucial part of your workout regimen. The better you keep your muscles tuned up, the better and longer they will function.

These Strength Training Exercises are a Great Place to Start Your Regimen!

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