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Squat with Stability Ball Workout

For legs that don’t quit, either in looks or in utility, these exercises focus on your legs. It’s time to get down with the Squat with Stability Ball Workout

Tim McComsey, fitness trainer, dietician, and gym owner, is here to help you make the most out of your workouts each week. Today’s exercise is a beauty, focusing on every part of your legs. Now, you can rock those short shorts with toned and tightened calves and thighs for the summer season!

That’s right! This amazing workout will hit every muscle from your quads to your hamstrings to your glutes. It will also do some good things to your core which means a stronger back. For this exercise, you are going to need dumbbells and a stability ball. Put your left foot forward and put your right leg on the ball, toes pointing ahead and your leg straight. You will now do a squat with your left leg while your right leg rolls the ball out laterally to your side. Keep your chest high and your stomach tight throughout the exercise (making sure those abs get their fair share of work out too!). Squat back on your heel. Let the ball roll out. Go as low as you can. Your left leg will burn and you’ll feel that burn on your inner right thigh too. Do ten to fifteen reps and then switch to the other leg for another ten to fifteen. You can make this exercise even more effective by adding weights. Pick up the dumbbells and hold them in your hands to increase resistance as you squat.

Enjoy this powerful exercise that will boost flexibility, strength, endurance, and make your legs and glutes look and feel their best.

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