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Soul Warming Millet Salad

The search is over. As the colder months roll around, our body craves more hearty and dense foods. This soul-warming millet salad is exactly what you crave.

This hearty yet refreshing salad is filled with grains and local and in-season produce and greens. When this masterpiece of a salad is done, your eyes will be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of plant-based simplicity. This salad is a perfect dish to make for a large group of guests or to have for leftovers the rest of the week.

Making this delicious salad isn't just about flavors but about colors. We eat first with our eyes, so adding colorful dried fruits and vibrant in-season vegetables and fruits will entice you to indulge over and over into this salad. This salad can be modified to suit you or your guests’ needs. You can add whichever vegetables or fruits are in season or switch out certain grains to add texture, flavor, or taste.

The base of this salad is millet. Millet is not a common grain seen on tables, but it’s making a dent in North American diets. Millet grain, common in India, is a source of key nutrients. Millet boosts an array of health benefits such as improving the digestive system and detoxifying the body and is a wonderful source of plant-based protein that can help repair muscles after exercising. Millet is rich in fiber which can help in bloating, constipation, and regulating our digestive problems. Millet can also lower our cholesterol levels leading to good heart health.

We added roasted tofu to this recipe to give this salad a boost of nutrients and added protein. You can omit the tofu and add any other protein of choice. This salad can be made ahead of time and placed in the fridge up to five days. Make a large batch, and eat away!

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