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Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Dough

It's good to be alone on Valentine’s Day when you have chocolate chip protein cookie dough! If you aren't alone, you’ll have to share, which is okay too.

Feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day season? Haven’t found that one person you can unconditionally love, more than you love your blender? No worries. The always wonderful Talia from Party in My Plants shares a recipe so good, you’ll be happy to be single this Valentine’s Day! It’s called “I’m Single and I’m Happy Protein Cookie Dough for One.” Yes, healthy cookie dough!

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Single-Serving Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Dough



cookie doughFirst, mash your ripe banana in a bowl. Take out your anger on all your exes, and just mash that banana up!

Mix in the protein powders and pinch of sea salt.

On the stove, melt your nut butter and maple syrup and then add that to your bowl.

Add in your vanilla extract and mix all ingredients thoroughly.

Once well mixed, add in your chocolate chips (cause really, what’s chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate?) and cozy up with this bowl of cookie dough!!

Couples beware!

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