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The Simple Secret to Health and Fitness

Sometimes the most obvious, simple answers are the ones we need the most.

The Secret to Health and Fitness

If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

There it is, folks. Let me repeat it in case you didn’t catch it: if it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

mountain_biker_scenery_nature_beautiful_biking_happy_fit_man_picThis concept seems so simple but is often overlooked. What this means is that you need to live in a happy place. If you don’t love what you do, change what you’re doing. When you feel good, you’re putting out high vibrations. Those vibrations go out into the universe and the universe then returns the feeling. Ever noticed that when you’re happy it seems to be a little brighter outside? Or traffic seems to be moving quickly? The point is that when you feel good, everything seems to start going well. But how does this tie into health and fitness?


Have you ever sat down and ate a little too much ice cream? Perhaps you’ve downed an entire bag of chips in one sitting or ate a whole row of Oreos in just a few minutes. Whatever your indulgence was, you probably didn’t feel good afterwards. So you said you’d never do that again, and in a week or two you probably did it again. But if everyone were to follow this simple guideline, there would never be any empty pints of ice cream staring back at you. If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it.

Plant-based humans know how great they feel. When you eat things from the Earth, you feel good now and later! Vegans usually have more energy, healthier skin, and healthier digestion, rarely have excess fat, and their risk of heart and cardiovascular diseases is low. Nobody has ever eaten an entire bag of kale and said, “Whoa, I regret that.”

Working Out

workout_women_man_squat_muscle_lean_tone_gym_exercise_picFeel good now applies to working out too. If you’re exercising and something feels bad, stop. Nobody is going to think any less of you for listening to your body. If you wouldn’t keep your hand on a hot stove once you realized it was burning, why would you try to keep pushing through a pain when you know it hurts? If your muscles are burning and it’s a good burn, keep it up! It may not “feel good” but you know you’ll be glad you did it. There’s a big difference between muscle soreness and pain. Work harder and smarter.

Be Happy

Yes, this is all that simple. Work hard, eat your veggies, and make sure you’re staying in a high vibration of feeling good now. Don’t wait until you’re 10 pounds lighter to start feeling good now. Don’t wait until you have a new car or a new job to allow yourself to feel good now. Don’t wait until you find your soul mate or travel the world to feel good now. Feel good now and the rest will come.

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