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Silvie and Maryl

Silvie Celiz and Maryl Celiz are holistic lifestyle experts and wellness gurus on a mission to transform people’s lives from the inside out. Through their bilingual online portal www.silvieandmaryl.com, the sisters educate people worldwide with multimedia tools including articles, blogs, and videos on how to achieve a holistically healthy lifestyle by integrating plant-based nutrition, all aspects of love, practical spirituality, and life design.

Born in Peru and raised in the United States, Silvie and Maryl grew up in a house with a strong mother committed to self-improvement and spirituality, who raised them to be holistic before they even knew what that meant. They came to understand that health is an integrative concept, but it was something they didn’t see much of outside of their house. They also realized that people were operating with outdated thoughts, concepts, and ideas that limited their full potential as optimal human beings.

With the belief that people are responsible for their own well-being and capable of achieving it when they’re motivated and informed, the duo decided to launch SilvieandMaryl.com, a multimedia holistic health resource with information on the mind and body, plant-based recipes, emotions, relationships, conscious living, spirituality, and more, to help people upgrade their thoughts and transform their lives into ones they love to live.

Silvie has a bachelor’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and a doctorate in Natural Health, and Maryl has a California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowship from USC Annenberg. As pioneers in the field of holistic living, Silvie and Maryl have been featured in various events and media, such as Angeleno Magazine, Women of the Green Generation, Maria Shriver’s The Women’s Conference, and Univision’s lifestyle show, Tu Estilo. They currently reside in Los Angeles and will be publishing their first book in April, 2012.


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