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Side Lateral Raise Workout with Dumbbells

In this exercise video your trainer and fitness expert, Tim McComsey of TRYM Fitness, brings you an elastic band and dumbbell combo that will provide more resistance to build more strength, burn more calories, and provide an overall better workout.

These side lateral raises will make you work and it will show. Tie the exercise band down low to something sturdy, like a pole, pillar, or something large that can take you pulling on it. Then grab a dumbbell. You don’t want to go too heavy with this one. Don’t forget you have a band that’s going to make you work too.tim_mccomsey_side_lateral_raise_dumbbell_workout_exercise_band_green_picPick a weight that’s a little lighter than you normally would for a lat raise. Put that dumbbell in one hand and put the band in the same hand, double grip style. Stand a couple feet away from the base of your band and raise away. You want to go about shoulder height and watch Tim’s example to get the form right. We don’t want you getting hurt.

Squeeze that shoulder with each raise and remember to breathe in as you lift and exhale as you lower. The band will make the down a little tougher too. Don’t move your body too much and then make sure you work the other arm as soon as you finish the first. Your shoulders will thank you by building up some powerful muscle.

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