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How to Set Your Day for Health Success

Health success isn’t just about eating your veggies and doing squats. It’s setting yourself up for physical, mental, and emotional prosperity.

waking up_morning_stretch_bed_happy_woman_picWhat do I mean by setting your day for health success? Is health another goal on our check list to accomplish? No, not exactly, but there are some principles of maximizing our morning that lead to vibrant health. When you feel better in your body, you will automatically become more successful in anything you’re pursuing.

The way you start your day is often times the way you follow through with your day. If you feel off track with your health protocols or simply do not know how to piece it together then this is the perfect place to begin. The first half of your day can be the most productive and healing so long as you create a set of rituals for yourself from the moment you first wake up.

It is recommended to design a basic lifestyle practice surrounding the natural cleansing cycles of the body. When we wake up in the morning from 4 am–12 pm, our bodies are in a catabolic or detoxification phase. This means our bodies are releasing the acid waste products of the night before, and we can set up rituals to assist this process along.

When you wake up, make a ritual for yourself:

When you wake up, scrape the top of your tongue. You will notice a white film coating your tongue if you look in the mirror. This is respiratory cleansing while you were sleeping. After that, drinking 1 liter of the best water you have available with squeezed lemon and a few dashes of sea salt is highly recommended. Nature’s solution to pollution is dilution; therefore, we want to hydrate our body tissues and flush out the acids. The natural inclination in society is to eat a big hearty breakfast. I advise bypassing this social norm and continue drinking liquids through the morning. A common morning routine for me will look like this;

  • exercise_safely_and_stay_hydrated_picHydrating: 1 liter of spring water with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt or 2–4 drops of iodine
  • Tongue Scraping: (removes metabolic toxins through the lungs)
  • Oil Pulling: (helps to pull out bacteria and fat soluble toxins)
  • Fortifying: 10–15 Proteolytic Enzymes
  • More hydrating: Hot Herbal Tea or Elixir (warm tea—put super food/herbs/coconut water/sweetener into blender)
  • Super Food Smoothie (blueberries, chia seeds, chlorella, maca, hemp protein, honey, mint leaf)
  • Glass of Water
  • Bread Breaking: Move into solid foods (Lunch time)

The benefits of staging your day for maximum success can turn you from a decent performer to an elite performer in your life. The goal of all health information is ultimately to become your most vibrant and functional self. Simply eating a great diet is not enough. Knowing how to organize your nutrition strategies is where results are achieved. When we remove the obstructions that inhibit energy, life automatically flows through us in ways we could never have imagined. Activate your potential for daily discipline and self-renewal by incorporating a morning cleansing program such as the one described above.

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