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Satisfy Cravings without Guilt, Whether You’re Pregnant or Not

When I’m in the city, I can’t get enough of trying out new places.

oragnic_avenue_raw_cinnamon_bun_picWhen I discovered Organic Avenue, I knew we would be forever friends.

I go absolutely NUTS when I’m here. I want everything. I even find myself craving their raw cinnamon bun. You heard me, a RAW cinnamon bun. It tastes like it was made by the Gods themselves. So delicious!

I also love their green juice. Their supplies of juices are limitless, and you can get a ton of different tonics in little shots for any ailment you can think of. It’s pretty amazing.

What’s the best part of Organic Avenue? They serve Sunwarrior protein! You can add it to any smoothie! So awesome, I highly recommend it.

Have any of you ever visited Organic Avenue? What is your favorite product?

If you're pregnant (like me!) and craving something sweet, I highly recommend satisfying your cravings here! You won't need to feel guilty after.

xo, Sarah

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