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Sarah Edmondson’s Tips & Tricks for Flying While Pregnant

kale_chips_picTravelling as a vegan is already tough…but even more so when you’re a pregnant vegan! Flying home to Vancouver at 28 weeks was my last trip, and I think I finally mastered it! It’s all about healthy, live snacks. I love my kale chips, and this new chia pudding I found in New York (I’m totally going to learn how to make my own!!).

One thing I always wear are compression socks, and I also stay super hydrated and pump the vitamin C. My #1 tip for travel would be to get up and move around the cabin. I like to do “plane yoga” whenever I can! That usually includes some forward folds and half moons. If there’s room in the back, I will even do some hip-openers like a standing thread the needle and eagle poses to release my shoulders.

baby_book_chia_seeds_picNow that I’m pregnant, it’s even more important to stay moving during the flights. As soon as I land I slug back some Sunwarrior Liquid Light to make sure I replace my lost electrolytes, and I include some raw coconut water and a green juice if available.  

On this last trip I also managed to get through a big chunk of birthing and parenting reading. There’s so much to cover on that topic…so I will save that for another blog.

Until then, check out my plane goodies and plane bathroom selfie! (note my other must haves: Bose noise cancelling headphones and an eye mask). You can call me high-maintenance, but at least I was as comfortable as I could have been with big belly and dealing with that extra air pressure! I honestly don’t know how women travel in their 8th month. I’m done with planes for now.



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