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Sarah Edmondson: Getting Ready for Birth


Final Stretch!

38 Weeks! I’m so lucky to have had such an easy pregnancy.

It’s only been in the last few weeks that I’ve felt a little uncomfortable and had to start doing some pain management.

My treatments are 3–4 times a week and include Cranial Sacral with Dr Pidutti at Springs Eternal, massage therapy with various practitioners, acupuncture at Acumamas, and chiropractor work with Stephanie Bonn at Coco Chiropractic Wellness. The goal here is to make sure my body is in alignment for a smooth birth…especially an aligned pelvis!

But absolutely the most profound part of this whole process has been my hypno-birthing training with my husband. We attended five private classes where we learned this incredible birthing process. I honestly don’t know why anyone would do anything else! You can read all about it online. But essentially it’s a method which helps women reach a state of peace and relaxation for the birthing process, all natural! I’m planning to do a home water birth, using these tools.

I do know that every plan can change, so I also have a hospital bag packed…just in case.

Some other unique things I’m planning on is doing a belly cast and placenta encapsulation which apparently helps with postpartum depression and is VERY nutrient dense.

sarah_edmondson_drinking_kombucha_pregnant_picI have an incredible team of midwives, a wonderful doula named Jacquie Munroe who has been a wealth of information, and a well prepped husband, BFF, and mama.

Of course, the fridge is stocked with raw coconut water and Sunwarrior smoothie materials for energy throughout the birth.

I have stocked my cupboards with eco-friendly disposable diapers and all natural diaper creams.

I am so excited to meet our son! Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes!

In the meantime, check out this picture of me enjoying a nice glass of KOMBUCHA!



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