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Sarah Edmondson: Finding Great Vegan Food in NY

During my last trip to New York City, I was at my 6th month mark. It was freezing and it seemed like everyone was hibernating…but I was in serious health mode!


candle_cafe_west_vegan_meal_green_juice_picI think EVERY meal I ate there was healthy and delicious. I hit up my all of my favorite places, including Candle Cafe, and Candle 79. Check out the gorgeous Mexican chocolate brownie with caramelized bananas, French vanilla ice cream, and candied pecans with chocolate sauce. I swear my mouth is watering just writing this!

One afternoon I was going for a walk on the Upper West Side and was STARVING, so I popped in all by myself and ordered a full meal at Candle Cafe West, with a refreshing green juice on the side. I don’t think it’s on the menu anymore, but it was a perfect vegan, hearty meal with tempeh, sweet potato and brussels sprouts.


health_store_sunwarrior_ny_picI just love how NYC has so many options, and in such gorgeous locations! For example, Pure food and Wine. In between, I of course managed to swing by Organic Avenue for my favorite Love juices, and multiple raw buckwheat cinnamon buns. TO DIE FOR!! I also frequented another new juice chain, Juice Press, where I seriously could get something new every time - they have so many options!

Definitely a highlight though, was finding Sunwarrior at the cutest little health food store on 73rd and Lex- I think it was called “House of Health”…but I’m not positive…either way, it was a fabulous trip to the Big Apple. Next time I’m back, I will have to make sure all of the restaurants are kid friendly! So exciting. I hope my little one likes what I like!



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