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A Few Resolutions to Start You with the New Year

New Year’s Resolution is a term which can sound quite exciting and positive until you really have to follow through with them. We all make resolutions; sometimes it’s not realistic, and sometimes it’s just an excuse for you to eat that last cupcake before the clock turns into a new year. If you want to actually follow through with a resolution, you need a plan, written down, with all the details needed to help you succeed. Having a little trouble getting that done? Here are a few to get you started. Pick any one of these resolutions this year and stick with it! You can do it!

woman_daughter_young_pretty_greens_basket_vegetables_summer_pic1. Eating Healthy

The definition of health differs from one person to the next. Figure out what your definition is. It could be eating more greens (like two or three servings a day) or drinking more water (four extra glasses) or following a vegan diet. Define what health is for you and following it will be a bit easier.

2. Losing Weight

To lose weight is a complex problem. There are many factors that play into it: physical capacity, genetics, hormones, work schedule, or simply lack of motivation. Don’t set yourself up to fail and expect to get good results.

Set a goal weight or size and create a plan. Realize it is a long process and you have to stick through it to see any result. But you don’t have to suffer through it; make it fun! All that really matters is what kind of journey you took to reach the goal.

3. Volunteer

Doing good to ourselves is important, and so is doing good to others. You may see volunteering as only time taken from your weekend hikes, social life, or your own time, but all you have to remember are the lives you are touching and how it makes you feel, to get you back out there. Pick a cause you believe in and dedicate time to it regularly.

friends_pants_shoes_people_cobblestones_walk_city_old_fun_travel_pic4. Travel More!

Traveling not only rejuvenates you, but can also open up your mind to new experiences and people, and could even change the way you think. The world is a huge place, and to travel is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for your own growth. Don’t feel guilty if you spontaneously book a ticket to Hawaii!

5. Stay Present

I recall times when I’m on a vacation and already planning my next trip. Lack of staying present not only makes you feel like life moves fast, but you miss out on life. Practice and train yourself to be as present as you can be.

Life goes on, and you just have to take it as it comes. Staying present keeps you happy, content, and alive!

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