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Recover and Renew for a Better You!

It’s that time of year again where we start to analyse the past 365 days and work out how we want to grow in the new year.

woman_young_run_snow_warm_coat_scarf_happy_fun_picThe holidays were a time for overindulgence, with the cold weather leading us to crave heavier foods, and festive songs triggering a need for mulled wine and chocolate gorging.

In January, moods can come down as the twinkling lights come off trees, bank accounts plummet, and we come to terms with the idea that crackers will only be pulled again in another twelve months. However, despite the option for misery, we can turn it around with a decision to put our energy into positivity.

There are so many possibilities we focus our attention on, with gym memberships seeing a massive boost come January, and detox being the key word thrown about in offices.

So how can we go about this detox of 2014?

With the amount of alcohol consumed during the holidays, the liver may need a bit of TLC, so green juices will come in handy. For me, just the taste of a refreshing combination of greens is enough to revive me, and having a glass a day or even once every few days is a great way to start.

The gut may have also taken a beating over the months, so fresh, fibrous fruit and veggies in all their glory will assist in getting everything moving. A good probiotic may also be an option to keep the intestinal bacteria nicely balanced.

Get moving! Even a brief bit of exercise daily will help bounce you out of the January blues as endorphins are released, oxygen is pumped around the body, the immune system is boosted, and the detoxification process is generally improved.

man_woman_husband_wife_mugs_cuddle_warm_snuggle_happy_picNot only does the body need to be taken care of, but during the colder months, our minds and spirits need care too. Winter can be a good opportunity to connect with old and new friends, to snuggle up together to stay warm. Studies even show that people who socialise and have a support network live longer and have a higher self-esteem than those who don’t, which in turn helps reduce the risk of depression. So get calling those friends and make fun plans!

While I openly admit I haven’t got into the swing of meditation yet, the proven benefits have made me decide that this will be my 2015 resolution. Even if it’s two minutes a day, I’ve concluded to embark on a mission of calming down my mind! Meditation is praised by so many people, and fMRI scans even show that the brain changes during the practice. Parts of the brain involved in information processing show little activity, which results in improved concentration, memory, and creativity, and reduces anxiety. Personally, this is where I intend to start in the new year, as my monkey mind can do with a bit of taming!

Since this may seem like a lot to take on at once, you’ll want to start with one or two areas and see how they go, rather than aiming for everything all at the same time. Maybe pick something you think may be easy and join it with something more challenging.

It takes 66 days to form a habit, so by choosing a couple of things and sticking to it, you’ll definitely have pep in your step by the time spring comes!

Wishing you lots of love & health for 2015!

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